Wednesday, March 12

Start Time End Time Speaker Session
8:30AM 10:00AM Ben Forta Adobe ColdFusion
10:00AM 10:20AM Networking Break
10:20AM 11:20AM Rakshith N Ajax Development using ColdFusion 8
10:20AM 11:20AM Vince Bonfanti IIS 7.0 for CFML Developers
10:20AM 11:20AM Peter Bell Using The Iterating Business Object
11:30AM 12:30PM Chaz Chumley Atom and RSS feeds with ColdFusion 8
11:30AM 12:30PM Mark Drew CFEclipse Plus!
11:30AM 12:30PM John Paul Ashenfelter Pragmatic ColdFusion: Build, Test, Deploy
12:30PM 1:30PM Lunch
1:30PM 2:30PM Rob Gonda Embrace Factories
1:30PM 2:30PM Peter Bell Practical Code Generation
1:30PM 2:30PM Enrique Duvos Taking Web Applications to the Desktop: Intro to Adobe AIR 1.0
2:40PM 3:40PM Charlie Arehart Continuous Server Analysis: Keeping ColdFusion Servers Healthy!
2:40PM 3:40PM Chaz Chumley Dynamic Presentation using ColdFusion 8
2:40PM 3:40PM Kevin Roche Fusebox Scaffolding
3:50PM 4:50PM Rakshith N Ajax Development using ColdFusion 8
3:50PM 4:50PM Mark Drew CFEclipse Plus!
3:50PM 4:50PM Peter Bell RAD OO
5:30PM 7:30PM Evening Event - Open Bar Expo and Networking

Thursday, March 13

Start Time End Time Speaker Session
8:30AM 9:30AM Christian Ready Case Study: Using FLiP as a sole developer
8:30AM 9:30AM Andrew Schwabe Coding in XML
8:30AM 9:30AM Simon Horwith ColdFusion and the User Experience
9:45AM 10:45AM Enrique Duvos Adobe Flex 3 Overview: Latest features
9:45AM 10:45AM Ron West Implementing Usability: Improve your Chances
9:45AM 10:45AM Oguz Demirkapi Multi Lingual (i18N) ColdFusion Applications
11:00AM 12:00PM Peter Bell RAD OO
11:00AM 12:00PM Andrew Schwabe Recursive Technique in ColdFusion
11:00AM 12:00PM Michael Smith Using your Whole Brain for Developers
12:00PM 1:00PM Lunch
1:00PM 2:00PM Jeff Tapper Flex for ColdFusion Developers
1:00PM 2:00PM Peter Coppinger How we made it: Teamwork Project Manager - Tips for development of highly-scalable web2.0 apps in ColdFusion
1:00PM 2:00PM Shlomy Gantz Part I: Managing ColdFusion Projects from start to finish
2:10PM 3:10PM Chaz Chumley Creating and Consuming WebServices with ColdFusion 8
2:10PM 3:10PM Shlomy Gantz Part II: Managing ColdFusion Projects from start to finish
2:10PM 3:10PM John Paul Ashenfelter Testing ColdFusion
3:20PM 4:20PM Rob Gonda ColdFusion Powered Ajax
3:20PM 4:20PM Mark Drew Coldspring: Better living through configuration
3:20PM 4:20PM Nick Watson Enterprise RIAs: LiveCycle Data Services / BlazeDS